How do you know it’s been a good walk? When the following conversation is had:

“Where’s the Blackburnian?”

“Up there, right behind the Hooded.”

20 birders joined me for a Sunday walk at AD Barnes Park on October 9. The weather fine to start, but became increasingly cloudy, and at 10:45 thunder and an audible lightning alert alarm required a slightly early end of the day. But what a day! We saw 14 species of warblers, even with missing Yellow-throated and Common Yellowthroat. Highlights were a Tennessee that showed well in the parking area, a bright Magnolia in the rooster area, a Bay-breasted at the ficus turnout, and the above-mentioned Hooded and Blackburnian Warblers seen behind the LAC buildings. The Hooded was a bright male, first heard by Rachel, then spotted by a VERY excited Luis. It was also quite cooperative, so everyone got good looks.

In addition to the warblers, we had an impressive number of Gray Kingbirds flocking together, plus one that obligingly perched right above an Eastern Kingbird. Two Eastern Wood-Pewees and a Summer Tanager were in the LAC area, as was a cooperative Downy Woodpecker (a total of 3 were seen or heard on the day). The day was not conducive to soaring hawks, but we had a perching Red-shouldered in the lake area, appearances by one of the the resident Cooper’s Hawks, and a flyover American Kestrel. Two Ruby-throated Hummingbirds were chasing each other about near the turnabout area; just before that I spotted a Yellow-billed Cuckoo in the trees, but only Luis was able to get on it before it flew; it could not be relocated.

It was a great October walk, and in the end we tallied 54 species. The complete list can be found at

Thanks to everyone who attended, we hope to see you again!