TAS Bird Walk at A.D. Barnes Park

Thirty-three birders joined Bill Boeringer for a bird walk yesterday at A.D. Barnes Park. As has been the case the past few weeks, we split into two groups, with Bill leading one group and TAS Field Trip Coordinator Brian Rapoza leading the other. Over fifty bird species were tallied during the walk. Highlights include White-crowned Pigeon, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, three Peregrine Falcons (all perched on the cell tower on the east side of the park), a late Eastern Kingbird, three vireos (White-eyed, Yellow-throated and Red-eyed), Swainson’s Thrush, Spot-breasted Oriole, thirteen warblers (including Blackpoll) and both Summer and Scarlet Tanager. An eBird checklist for the walk is here . Thanks to Beatriz Hernandez for her Yellow-billed Cuckoo photo.