TAS Bird Collision Monitoring Campaign

Untold numbers of migrant songbirds will be passing through Miami in the coming weeks on their way to their wintering grounds in the Caribbean and Central and South America. Most of these songbirds will migrate at night, using the stars to navigate. Some of these birds, like this Ovenbird, will accidentally crash into tall buildings, possibly disoriented by the building’s bright lights. Other birds, confused by the reflections they see in windows, may collide with a window in your own home. It’s estimated that as many as one billion migrant birds die this way each year. If you find birds that have been killed or injured after colliding with a building, submitting these sightings to dBird will contribute to Tropical Audubon’s Bird Collision Monitoring Campaign. To learn other ways that you can help to reduce this annual tragedy, see the Lights Out Miami page on the TAS website.

An article about Lights Out Miami has just been published by Miami New Times.