American Flamingo - RFI

I will be visiting Fort Lauderdale in the new year and would really like to connect with a flamingo. I was thinking about taking my dad fishing on a small charter boat out of Flamingo. Are there any more specific instructions I could provide the captain as to the locations of the flock? Is the area even approachable by motorboat or is the only option to kayak? Any tips or advice would be appreciated.

John Facchini
San Francisco

The flamingo flock has been seen between Christian Point and Gibby Point in Snake Bight, east of Flamingo. Access to this area by motorboat is restricted to Snake Bight Channel. The rest of Snake Bight is too shallow for a motorboat.

Thank you. Are they generally viewable from the Snake Bight Channel?

We did see a lone flamingo from flamingo when on a birding trip last week lout on the flats