Yellow-headed Caracara

Today (1/27/24) the bird made its appearance a little later than usual, probably due to rain. It flew in at 7:30 am and landed in the palm that’s behind the bait house. Stayed there and watched us watching it for 5 mins then flew southeast and disappeared. It was great seeing old friends there, Audrey Whitlock, Scott Scheinhaus (sp), Larry Manfredi, Betty Hernandez, to name a few.

Saw this bird at Ft. Lauderdale Air Show flying in off the Ocean. Only saw it about 40 years ago during one of my birding trips to Central America. Appears to be adult bird–probably same one you saw last year and still around.

Had the Yellow-headed Caracara today at Oleta River SP. At 10:10 AM it was in the parking lot in a tree over the dumpsters vocalizing. It then flew to the ground and was walking around by the dumpsters. It then flew to the west end of the line of trees.