TAS Wakodahatchee, Green Cay, Peaceful Waters 1/21/23

Over 30 people met at Wakodahatchee to participate in very long walks at all locations, ending after 3 PM. A group of 9 from Clearwater joined us as did a lady from Philadelphia, none of whom had ever been to these parks before. Brian will be sending the participants Ebird check lists. I got 27 year birds! The Wood Storks, Anhingas and Cormorants are just now building nests although there were 3 Great Blue Heron chicks seen. Martins are back, one male, one female. Our Philadelphia newcomer spotted a Virginia Rail, not seen by all. It was accompanied by a Sora and a Marsh Rabbit (which were seen by all). Nice flyovers by Black-bellied Whistling Ducks (many flying around all the time) and Nanday Parakeets. Two Wilson Snipes were accompanied by a Sora; Soras seemed to be everywhere. Purple Gallinules were prevalent as were Gray-headed Swamp Hens. We left there Saround 11.

At Green Cay there was only a Brown Thrasher and MODO’s at the feeders out front. Male Painted Bunting was there when we left. I was walking ahead of the group with a fellow on the Board at TAS (sorry I don’t know your name). We were halted by the loud call of a Least Bittern right below us. Looked around and there it was, just walking along next to the boardwalk. Finally got everyone’s attention to hurry over. Believe everyone saw it. All the other usual suspects were there. I may have missed some warblers in the Cypress area because I was in a hurry to go get water which, stupidly, I hadn’t brought with me. It warmed up fast out there. No luck with the Chuck. Left there around 1 pm.

At Peaceful Waters, most ate lunch before proceeding to the Sanctuary. We did not see the Bell’s Vireo, not for lack of trying. There was a treasure trove of ducks in the pond behind the fence (not in the sanctuary itself): Green-winged Teal (m&f), American Wigeon, Ring-necked Ducks, Gadwalls and Northern Shovelers! Tons of Palms and Myrtles - which was true for all three spots. I boogied out around 2:45 and 7751 steps later; there was still more to cover in the sanctuary. Brian will have to finish up for me.

I created an eBird trip report for yesterday’s trip. It’s here.