RFI Shiny Cowbirds in Homestead

It seems that these birds are coming to feeders in a residential neighborhood. I’ll be driving through Homestead on my way to the Keys in a few weeks and would love to try and see one of these. Are there any guidelines or tips on viewing? Is it recommended not to show up unless you have the owners permission? I don’t want to put myself in a situation that would bother or stress the locals.

Any info is appreciated.
John Facchini
San Francisco CA

You can try driving through Robert’s is Here, that’s a fruit stand at 19200 SW 344 St (on the way to the Keys). There is a community of Purple Martins that nests there and I’ve seen some Shiny Cowbirds as well. They also make yummy shakes…

Hi John,

Email me for the Shiny Cowbirds: birderlm@bellsouth.net If I’m home, you are welcome to come by.

Larry Manfredi