Mexico: Birding the Ruins of the Yucatan 1/20-30/22

Ten birders joined me for Tropical Audubon’s Mexico: Birding the Ruins of the Yucatan tour. During the 11-day tour, which began on Cozumel and ended in Merida, we visited five different Mayan archeological sites, each one more spectacular than the one before. Along the way, we saw or heard over 200 different birds, including 20 endemics or near-endemics. Our tally included nine pigeons and doves, five cuckoos, ten hummingbirds, eleven herons, four vultures, three owls, two trogons, three motmots, four kingfishers, eight woodpeckers, six falcons, three parrots, twenty-three Flycatchers, four woodcreepers, seven vireos, three jays, five wrens, nine blackbirds and orioles, seventeen warblers, eight cardinals and grosbeaks and eight tanagers.

A detailed trip report is here.