C-357 Sparrow Fields, 7/31/21

White-tailed Deer are quite common at the C-357 Sparrow Fields in the East Everglades; I saw five this morning, including this handsome male. The Great Blue Heron didn’t seem bothered by the deer as they walked past. My eBird checklist for this morning’s visit is at https://ebird.org/checklist/S92539664

Though an ongoing construction project at the sparrow fields entrance hasn’t prevented birders from accessing this location, I suspect that may change. A few Construction Zone signs have been posted since my last visit, as well as a No Parking sign on the opposite side of the road from where I parked. I didn’t see the No Parking sign until I returned to my car. No ticket or warning on my windshield, though.

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Bummer. I would hate to not be able to access the Sparrow Fields. Nice picture of the deer.

I visited this location again on Sunday (8/15) afternoon and discovered that concrete barriers have been placed across Richmond Drive where the pavement ends. A notice posted at the barrier states that the area will be closed to the public until construction is completed in April, 2022.