North Broward Birding, 1/15/22


Thirteen birders joined John Hutchison and Bruce Pickholtz on Saturday for a bird walk at Tall Cypress Natural Area in northern Broward County. The group tallied over fifty species during the walk; highlights included Limpkin, Bald Eagle, Broad-winged, Short-tailed and Red-tailed Hawk, Monk and Nanday Parakeet, Northern Flicker, Blue-headed Vireo, Cedar Waxwings, Summer Tanager and eleven warbler species, including Orange-crowned and Black-throated Green Warbler. John Hutchison had an Eastern Screech-Owl in the parking area prior to the walk. Great Horned Owls nest in the preserve, but we were unable to find any. Also, we thought we had found a Great White Heron recently reported at the preserve, but upon inspection of photos, it was in fact a Great Egret. An eBird checklist for the walk is here . Red-tailed Hawk photo by Michele Louden.